From the very beginning of His Mission, Sai Baba has put a major accent on education, instruction and building of the character.
During the last 30 years He set up more than a 100 schools. In Puttaparthi there is a primary school, a secondary school, a grammar school and a school of music.
In 1981 Sai Baba set up a university recognised by the government. This university is already known as the most innovating of the world, together with the university of Boston.
The institution has 3 campuses: Prashanthi Nilayam, Whitefield and a university for girls in Anantapur.
Next to this there's an extensive academic support with libraries, a planetarium and hostels.
Sai Baba intends that the institutions form man for life so that he enters the world as an integrated being. Besides the learning of a profession, a higher knowledge is also imparted to the pupils.
Sai Baba thinks the university should concentrate on turning out people who not only have learnt how to use their intellect but who also have learnt the language of the heart; human beings who became familiar with the pure values of life.
Sai Baba says the result of education is character and the true purpose of education is not the knowledge by itself but knowledge put into action. The accent lies on purity and harmony of thoughts, words and actions.
The education, the stay, the examinations and the medical care are totally free of charge.


A. Undergraduate programs.
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Biosciences with Honours
Bachelor of Home Sciences
Bachelor of Commerce with Honours
Bachelor of Arts with Economic, Political Sciences, History, Optional English and Optional Telegu as subject
B. Postgraduate programs.
Master of Science in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biosciences
Master of Home Sciences
Master of Arts in English literature and Language
C. Professional Courses.
Master of Business
Master of Financial Management
Master of Technology in Computer Science
Bachelor of Education