Upcoming/Current Events -March

2 March


The colorful festival of Holi bridges all social gaps and celebrates the underlying inner unity of all creation.
Holi also celebrates the immortal love between the Lord Krishna and his consort Radha.
It has an ancient origin and celebrates the triumph of 'good' over 'bad'.
Another meaning of the word Holi is sacrifice. With the lighting of bonfires we symbolise burning our impure characterestics and leaving only the pure and Divine after Holi.



18 March


Festivals are occasions for rejoicing, for wearing new clothes and for enjoying delicious meals which comprise special dishes. However, understanding why these festivals are celebrated gives more meaning and significance to their ‘raison d’être’. All festivals, whether social or religious, have some special message. They also explain the development of culture and civilization of the people who celebrate them. Understanding why the rites and rituals are performed during the festival brings joy and gives peace to the mind. Normally, occasions such as religious festivals are marked with ceremonial baths, observing fasts, visiting temples, offering prayers and inviting priests to perform ‘hawans’ (sacrifices) and ‘pujas’ at home.

Ugadi is one of the festivals which are celebrated by Indians, particularly by Telugu speaking Hindus from Andhra Pradesh, a state in India. Ugadi is the first festival of the Hindu calendar, at the beginning of the Lunar year. Ugadi is a modified form of Yugadi which is made up of 2 words:- Yuga (Uga) and Adi. Yuga (Uga) means a period or an era and Adi means starting. Thus, Yugadi means the beginning of a new period, the beginning of the year.



25 March

Sri Rama Navami


Sri Rama Navami is the festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Sri Rama, the Avatar of the Treta age.
It falls in the 'Chaitra' month in the Shukla Paksha Navami (ninth day of the bright fortnight) of the Hindu lunar calendar. Lord Rama is revered as being the very embodiment of Dharma (righteousness) and one whose life serves as an ideal for all mankind. The Ramayana, an epic poem composed by sage Valmiki on the life of Lord Rama, is one of the sacred scriptures of the Hindu religion.




Manifestations of Swami's Omnipresence

On April 24th, 2011, our dear Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's physical body has taken rest. But He lives ever so strong in the hearts of every one of us and He is with us, in us, above us, behind us, & in front of us always, to protect us, guide us and lead us to salvation.
The Samadhi (resting place) is at Sai Kulwanth Hall, Puttaparthi, India.
From out of the example of our Mother Sai , it is now up to our instruments to proceed with our mission.
Being out of His physical form, Swami is now showing Himself all over the world to His devotees, appearing in various manifestations.

India, Puttaparthi

Antwerp, Belgium - appearing as reflection in window
Picture taken end of December 2012