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5 May

Buddha Poornima

The day of Vaisakh Purnima, which usually falls in the month of May, is considered most sacred by Buddhists all over the world. This day is significant for three reasons. It was on this day that Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, was born as Prince Siddhartha at Lumbini in Nepal in 560 B.C. It is also the day when He attained enlightenment at Gaya in India, after years of search and enquiry into the causes and remedy for sorrow in the world. Thereafter, Siddhartha came to be known as Buddha, or the Enlightened one. He preached that desires are at the root of all sorrow and hence advocated the path of right conduct and the right use of senses as the way to enlightenment. This auspicious day is observed as Buddha Purnima with reverence and piety.


6 May

Easwaramma Day

Today, the passing on of Swami's mother is remembered among all devotees.
We would like to express our deep gratitude to Mother Easwaramma for being the instrument in giving Sathya Sai Baba as a guide to all of us.
Special prayers are held at the Samadhi where Swami's mother and father's samadhi's are present.



18 May


Ascension is the day we celebrate that Jesus joined his father in heaven.
Heaven signifies the unity with God, the ultimate goal of our lives.

Letting go of all worldly bondages and fully merging with God, this is true liberation.


29 May

Pentecost (Whitsun)

Pentecost is one of the prominent feasts in Christianity commemorating the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles. Inspired by the Holy Spirit they found courage and were able to explain the Gospel clearly in different languages. It is celebrated on the seventh Sunday after Easter.
It symbolizes that the Holy Spirit comes down on those who pray and are willing to receive.




Manifestations of Swami's Omnipresence

On April 24th, 2011, our dear Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's physical body has taken rest. But He lives ever so strong in the hearts of every one of us and He is with us, in us, above us, behind us, & in front of us always, to protect us, guide us and lead us to salvation.
The Samadhi (resting place) is at Sai Kulwanth Hall, Puttaparthi, India.
From out of the example of our Mother Sai , it is now up to our instruments to proceed with our mission.
Being out of His physical form, Swami is now showing Himself all over the world to His devotees, appearing in various manifestations.

India, Puttaparthi

Antwerp, Belgium - appearing as reflection in window
Picture taken end of December 2012