he Gayatri mantra is an ancient but most powerful mantra.
From times immemorial sages and holy men recite it.

The Gayatri is not only a mantra, but also a sacred word, derived from GAYATHAM TRIYATE ITI, meaning "that what blesses, preserves and protects the user, is That (God).

The Gayatri is called the mother of the Veda's.
The Veda's are India's Holy scriptures. They existed a long time before any form of religion.
The Veda's are composed of 4 Books. The first and most important book contains the Rig Veda's. Here we find the Gayatri mantra.

Swami emphasizes regularly on the importance of this mantra.
He states that the Gayatri is excellent for man and woman of all regions and beliefs.

The Gayatri appeals to the glorious power (inner self) that pervades the sun and the three worlds (the earth - physical matter), ether (astral matter) and "heaven", to awaken the powers of the divine intelligence, so that it may lead one through intense sadhana to success.

It's a universal prayer that asks for a clear intellect, able to reflect Reality without distortion.

It goes without saying that you have to repeat the mantra regularly, and fit it into your daily life to provoke slowly but surely a change in your attitude.

The Gayatri mantra protects those who recite this mantra.
A few years ago in India, two airplanes flew at each other. There were no survivers.
Swami commented on this crash that if one of the passengers had recited the Gayatri, this disaster would not have happened.

Text of the Gayatri mantra






We meditate upon the spiritual Effulgence of THAT adorable supreme Divine Reality, the Source of the physical, the astral and the Heavenly Spheres of Existance. May THAT supreme Divine Being enlighten our Intellect (so that we may realise the Supreme Truth).

The correct pronounciation of this mantra is very important.
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