brahma 'rpanam brahma havir

brahmagnau brahmana hutam

brahmai 'va tena gantavyam


The act of offering in sacrifice is Brahma, the oblation is Brahma
the sacrificer himself is Brahma
the sacrificial fire as well is Brahma
Brahma verily he attains who realizes the presence of Brahma in action

aham vaisvanaro bhutva

praninam deham asritah


pacamy annam catur-vidham

I am the fire of digestion in the bodies of all living entities
I join with the air of life
outgoing and incoming
to digest the four kinds of foodstuff

The merging of these two verses from the Bhagavad Gita is mainly known as a prayer that is spoken before taking food. All possible impurities in our food are transformed by saying this prayer in advance. These impurities are the main cause of all psychic and mental difficulties which we have to deal with on a spiritual level. Pure food, on the contrary, supports man in his spiritual quest.

The act of offering - reciting the prayer - is Brahma,
the oblation - the food - is Brahma,
the sacrificial fire - in the stomach - is Brahma,
man - who digests the food - is Brahma.

Reciting this mantra, you emphasize the unity of all creation and especially that God, Brahma, permeates the whole of creation. The mind of man is a powerful instrument. If you think you are God, you become God. If you think you are dust, you become dust. Through the use of this mantra your thoughts will be lifted up to a divine level and the act of eating will be transformed into meditation.

In accordance with the foregoing you can apply the mantra to every act in daily life. Imagine this in the following way:

brahma 'rpanam - the act of offering - is Brahma
brahma havir - the oblation, the effort I will use - is Brahma
brahmagnau - the sacrificial fire, the instruments I use in order to realise my objectives - is Brahma
(instruments, materials, ingredients to process)
brahmana hutam - the person that performs the act - is Brahma

In this manner all your acts will acquire a deeper dimension. Through continual identification with God, Brahma, your whole life will become a meditation.

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