ai Baba was born on the 23rd of November 1926 in Puttaparthi, a small village in South India.
Sai Baba is a miracle worker. He performs miraculous healings, is paranormally gifted and well known for his direct materialisations such as vibuthi (holy ash).
Even as a little boy it became apparent that He possessed Divine endowments and at the age of 14 He commenced His mission which is to bring about the spiritual revival of humanity.
Sai Baba offers us a universal tuition that is based on the religious truths which can be retrieved in all world religions and in every spiritual heart.
He does not establish a new religion but encourages us to further intensify our own faith. All names and representations of God after all lead to the same God Consciousness.
He teaches us the human values; Truth, Right Conduct, Love, Peace and Non-Violence and how to practically apply them in our day to day life. The youth therefore receives His special attention. Several schools and universities who offer quality education were founded where spiritual training lies at its core.
Swami places importance on service; because by helping others, spirituality is practically applied.
In 1945 devotees began the building of a temple inclusive of accommodation facilities with the intention to establish an ashram. Over the years Prashanti Nilayam has further expanded into a place of reflection for spiritual seekers of all nationalities and worshippers from all religions.
The millions of devotees who travel to Puttaparthi bear witness to the fact that the urge to meet this Avatar in person and the need to get in touch with His "intrinsic nourishment" are immense.
Baba's message clearly is of a universal character or to put it in His own words:

My Life is my message

There is only one religion; the religion of love
There is only one language; the language of the heart
There is only one caste; the caste of humanity
There is only one God; He is omnipresent