ai Baba was born on november 23 th of 1926 at Puttaparthi in the family of Sri Pedda Venkama Raju, his mother was Easwaramma.
A sage told Baba's grandfather that a Divine incarnation would be born in his family. Musical instruments started playing automatically. At the time of birth there was a very strong scent of jasmine in the house. Once a cobra was found in the cradle with Baba, like the snake bed of Vishnu.
At the age of three and four He used to distribute food to beggars and people who were hungry, because He couldn't bear the look of human suffering. Sometimes Baba kept away from the table for days because He distributed His own food, He didn't care.
He avoided the places where animals were killed for their meat.
Baba visited the local primary school and soon became the pet of the entire village. His friends soon called Him 'Guru' because He always helped them and comforted those who were sad. He materialised sweets, pencils, gums, toys, fruits and flowers. He learned very well and knew all songs and Sthotras and when He was seven He composed some songs.
When He was about ten years of age, Sathya formed the first 'Pandhari Bhajan' group. A group of 16 to 18 boys singing mostly for Krishna and receiving his Darshan. Baba also introduced Bhajans for a sage nobody had heard of: Shirdi Baba. When there was an epidemic of cholera in the area, Puttaparthi was saved and word got around that the 'Pandhari Bhajan' group was responsible.
At the age of 14, Baba started His mission. It was October 20th 1940 and He gave His first 'Declaration': "I am going. I don't belong to you. Maya has gone. My Bhaktas are calling Me. I have My Work. I can't stay any longer."
Baba left His parents home and stayed with an older lady, Subhamma, who was very devoted to Him. She welcomed all who were dedicated to Baba in her house and she even provided a bhajan room.
Baba cured many diseases and performed operations with surgical instruments who were materialised at the scene. When the news of Baba's miracles started to spread a lot of visitors came to Puttaparthi.
There was no longer enough space to receive all visitors and some devotees decided to build a new bhajan hall, with a room for Baba and accommodation for the visitors. The old Mandir was built in 1945. Baba just to roam amongst the people there, He composed many bhajans and taught them Himself.
He used to spend much time outside and took His devotees to the banks of the Chitravathi to sing bhajans. There many witnessed His miracles, He drew out of the sand a variety of statues, amulets and even sweets. He took his devotees up the hill to the Tamarindtree and plucked a variety of fruits: apple, mango, orange, pear and figs. This tree is still standing there and is called the 'wish fulfilling' tree.
The amount of visitors increased every month, the old Mandir wasn't sufficient anymore and it wasn't possible to gather daily on the banks of the Chitravathi. So Baba agreed on the prayers of some devotees to construct a bigger building. And on His 25th birthday, the present Mandir was inaugurated. Baba called the new ashram "Prashanti Nilayam" - Abode of Supreme Peace.